About Me

Hello, I'm Will. I'm an extrovert with a camera.

Depending on the situation, I can be either the loudest person in the room to direct the moment or the quietest person in the room to protect the moment and grab a candid image.

I love anticipating those rare emotional moments, while calculating for composition and light. I promise to capture the big and small moments authentically, because I know how precious they are.

Although I'm an all-around creative person, I realized that after many years of working for other people found that working with happy couples and families is what me the happiest. I love working with repeat clients as young couples become young families. I'm there for your engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn and every family event there after.

When I'm not behind a camera or a computer (which is rare), you'll find me hanging out with my wife Jenn and dog Murray in the suburbs of Los Angeles. We all love a good croissant for breakfast (Murray loves the crumbs) and an ice coffee at any time of the day.

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