About Me

Hello, I'm Will. I'm an extrovert with a camera.

Depending on the situation, I can be either the loudest person in the room to direct the moment or the quietest person in the room to protect the moment and grab a candid image.

I love anticipating those rare emotional moments, while calculating for composition and light. I promise to capture the big and small moments authentically, because I know how precious they are.

Although I'm an all-around creative person, I realized that after many years of working for other people found that working with happy couples and families is what me the happiest. I love working with repeat clients as young couples become young families. I'm there for your engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn and every family event there after.

When I'm not behind a camera or a computer (which is rare), you'll find me hanging out with my wife Jenn and dog Murray in the suburbs of Los Angeles. We all love a good croissant for breakfast (Murray loves the crumbs) and an ice coffee at any time of the day.

My Photography


I believe using a mix of candid and posed images are the best way to capture your story. To find the most authentic expressions, I'll ask each couple to play and engage with one another. It might be a whisper or it might be a prompt to recreate the "Titanic" movie moment.

I want you each couple to be relaxed and enjoying their day. I truly believe its important to be close the action, because I want people to feel like they were right next to the couple, smiling and laughing with all the in-between moments.

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