A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with MyKhanh who needed portraits for her new mediation business. We decided to shoot at her lovely home in Los Angeles, using different rooms and a simple grey backdrop.

I enjoy this type of setup because it allows the client to feel comfortable in a familiar environment. Although I’ve worked in studios in the past, there’s something special about capturing moments at home.

During the shoot, I focused on creating classic and timeless business branding photos for MyKhanh. These kinds of photos can help establish a professional and trustworthy image for her new business.

By utilizing different rooms of her home, we were able to create a variety of looks and moods for the portraits. This added a unique touch to the photos, making them stand out from the typical studio shots.

Overall, working with MyKhanh was a great experience. The familiar and comfortable setting allowed for a relaxed and authentic atmosphere during the shoot. I’m thrilled to have been able to provide her with classic and timeless business branding photos that will help elevate her business.

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