Melissa & Daniel

On an early September Sunday morning, I embarked on an engagement photo session at Griffith Observatory. Armed with both medium format film and digital cameras, my goal was to capture the timeless beauty of the couple’s moments.

In a digital age dominated by speed, choosing medium format film added a touch of nostalgia and sophistication to the photographs. This traditional format brought magic to the images, preserving intricate details and subtle nuances, creating a unique visual experience.

The soft, cloudy lighting played a vital role in creating a calm atmosphere. I skillfully used natural light to highlight the couple’s love. The resulting photos conveyed their relationship’s depth and purity.

By combining traditional film with modern digital techniques, I created a collection that is both classic and contemporary. The photos showcase elegance and grace against the Observatory’s stunning backdrop, capturing the essence of love and tranquility for the couple’s cherished moments.

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