Courtney & Family

Recently, Courtney contacted me to capture some special moments of her son and husband on Father's Day. We headed to the bustling Santa Monica Pier, where the warm weather added to the excitement. Despite the crowds, we made sure to keep Courtney's son entertained by exploring the various attractions and distractions. However, we also managed to find a quieter spot under the pier for some playful and silly moments.

In this Santa Monica Family Portrait Session, we aimed to capture the joy and love shared between a father and his son. The Santa Monica Pier provided a colorful and lively backdrop for these memorable photos, showcasing the vibrant atmosphere of this iconic location.

To accommodate their busy schedule, we decided to go for a Mini Session, which lasted around half an hour. This allowed us to make the most of our time together, capturing candid and authentic moments that truly reflected the bond between father and son.

Despite the challenges of a busy day and a popular tourist spot, we were able to create a relaxed and enjoyable environment for the family. By finding a quieter spot under the pier, we were able to embrace the fun and playfulness of Father's Day, resulting in some truly beautiful and heartwarming photographs.

Overall, this Santa Monica Family Portrait Session at the pier was a memorable experience. We were able to capture the essence of Father's Day and the bond between Courtney's son and husband. Whether it was amidst the excitement of the busy pier or in the moments of quiet silliness under the pier, these photographs serve as a lasting reminder of the love and joy shared within this family.

If you're looking to document special moments with your loved ones at Santa Monica Pier, consider a Mini Session like this one. In just half an hour, we can capture the uniqueness of your family and create cherished memories that you'll treasure for years to come.

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